Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sorry about the Delay

Well, everyone. I know there are no pictures, but I promise there is a good explanation for it. We are down in Alabama for the Christmas holidays and needless to say it has been hard to transfer pictures from our camera to the computer. K's first Christmas has been great and she has enjoyed eating sugar cookies, rolls, and spaetzle (if you know my family you know what that is). Things are going well and you can't tell that she has had a surgery recently. She is on no pain medication whatsoever and she is just as cheerful as she can be. Sponge baths have been interesting, but fortunately she doesn't get too dirty too quickly. She got enough toys to supply her own store, but of course we expected that one. We are also having an early birthday party for her tomorrow so that Nate's parents and mine can be there. K will be trying birthday cake and there will be plenty of pictures to share with all of you. We have not forgotten you, just know that when the pictures come they will be coming in full force! Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Year!

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