Friday, December 15, 2006

Dangling Tonsils

Well, this post might be a little bit lengthy, but there is much to go over.
1. The MRIs came back and the report was good. We were told that her cerebellum and tonsils were sitting "low," which doesn't mean much according to the doctors. Little confusing, but what is new?
2. The renal ultrasound came back and her kidneys are just fine. There was no sign of anything to be concerned about. (she did however have a very full bladder at the time of the ultrasound-according to the doctor)
3. Pre-op went very well. We met with K's anesthesiologist (spelling?) as well as her surgeons. The surgery is going to take place around 10 in the morning on Tuesday and it will last 2 to 3 hours. (Those are going to be so much fun:() Prayers would be appreciated during that time. We are both going to go just a little bit crazy.
4. K will be put in a cast after the surgery and she will be wearing it for four weeks. We now have to make sure she doesn't fling it off of her arm. Didn't see that one coming:) She's smart enough to figure it out.
5. K will be fitted for a brace for her scoliosis after she is out of the cast. This will be worn possibly years, but it is able to come off and we are able to have baths. That does take some getting used to, but we want her to heal quickly with no surgery for the spine.
6. My mother is currently in the hospital. She is doing fine, but timing is amazing isn't it? you think this would taste good? Mommy won't ever know.
Momma G is almost home and we will miss her. We are so thankful for her coming and helping us keep our little one well. K is going to miss the quilting woman.
This is the dog the Shriners gave me. Christmas came early today.
I'm riding on the recliner. That's one way to enjoy a chair.
Thank you for all the love! I hope to get my Christmas cast Tuesday!

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Kat said...

Thanks for the update! I was hoping to hear how everything went. Sounds like you got some good news... I will be praying on Tuesday! Why is your mom in the hospital?!?! Is everything ok? Call me sometime if you get a chance! I love you guys :)