Saturday, December 09, 2006

K is Sick

Okay, so we have done everything we can to keep K from getting sick, and it has not worked! Yesterday was a big day for her since we left home at 6am to get her to the hospital in time for the MRI and the Ultrasound. We thought we were supposed to meet with her Docs also, but we were wrong. We do that next Friday when we take K for pre-op.

She did fairly well yesterday until it was time for the IV and she did not like that to say the least. It was close on her getting her MRI because of her having a bug, but it was not that bad yet and we thought it was just drainage from teething (now we know different). She hated the MRI experience up to the point when they knocked her out through the IV. At least she got an hour nap even if it was medically induced. Then she had her ultrasound to see if she has an abnormal kidney. It does not appear so from what we were able to gather, but we will not know for certain until next Friday which will be a marathon appointment. We then came home and got K to rest for a bit and then she went to a Christmas party at her day care. She had a great time and was given a nice book. She also played, or chewed, bells while the other kids sang Jingle Bells. It was adorable. Her Momma G was able to be there and it was great for to be with us and to see that.

Moving on to this morning. K is sick! Please pray that she gets better. I cannot express how important it is for her to get well before Friday or she will not be able to have her surgery. She is lethargic, congested and fussy. She is not a happy baby today. PLEASE PRAY that she gets well. I have to get her now so I will not write any more for now.

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