Thursday, March 02, 2006

Three In a Row!!!

So my little girl has slept through three nights in a row. How nice for Christa! I am very thankful for this because Christa has been getting more sleep. Yes that is right I said Christa, not me because I already was sleeping through the night. I have been so blessed by my wife because she would hardly ever wake me unless K was very fussy and refused to go to sleep. So, now that K sleeps, so does Christa. I could not ask for a better mom for my daughter. I could not ask for a better baby girl either. God has blessed us in great ways with K. He has a plan for us and her so I do not want her to miss out on His blessing in store for her through the hardships I know she will face (it is easy for me to say this now). I have been given a great family and I cannot wait to watch my baby girl grow up as tough as that will be at times!

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