Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thank You Aunt Amy

Aunt Amy,
K says hello for the absolutely adorable hat. It fits snuggly on the part by her face, but the top is longer so it just flops over in the back. She can't wait to see her Aunt Amy and love on her. For those that don't know, Amy is coming up here to stay with K while I go back to work. I can't say how much of a relief that is for both Nate and myself. I would have hated to send her to the daycare. This way she will hang out at home and be around the familiar things. God has helped us in many ways by giving us support and love from our family.

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Aunt Amy said...

she looks like a little elf,an adorable elf. I couldn't resist getting it. i can't wait either christa, i have been counting down the days. tomorrow is my last day at Fossil. only 1 week left.