Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Very First Haircut

Here is our before picture. K was so excited about getting her very first haircut. I know, I know. I have been putting it off, but I was afraid of losing those curls. We just wanted to get the baby hair trimmed.
Here we are in our chair. K let the lady pick her up and place her in the chair. She knows that she has to be really still while she is getting her haircut.
They even broke out the "pink" camo wrap. Talk about service:)

Here is the finished product. Doesn't look much different, but hopefully now her hair won't be as tangled. She even had hairspray put in her hair. She definitely loved that:) I have hair in an envelope ready to file away for those days when she is a high schooler and doesn't want mommy:(


Anonymous said...

such a sweetie! Didn't lose the curls after all. ;-))

Love you guys,

Momma G

Anonymous said...

Too cute! You're a good mom...M has had 2 haircuts and I have forgotten the camera each time!
J & A