Friday, August 08, 2008

Growing Up Too Fast

So mommy and K are both going to school this year. I start back on Monday with the students and K will be going to "school" at our church this year. She will still be at daycare on Fridays, but Monday through Thursday she will be at school. She is quite excited about it all. She has a Dora lunchbox and an Elmo backpack. We are really talking it up, but I know she will do great. She was already getting quite bored with mommy this summer.
Update time:
We went to the Children's Hospital on Wednesday and the doctor told us that everything looks great with her spine. She will be able to go another 6 months with just having to sleep in the brace at night. Big praise.
I also wanted to point out the fact that I am constantly reminded of how neat K really is. During her swim lessons, a young boy in her class was sitting with her on a bench. When I had gone through the whole "God made her that way" he gave me a revelation. He asked me if I knew that my daughter had 8 fingers! He had taken her little hand and counted her nubbins. I almost wanted to cry to realize that is was so matter-of-fact to him. He had 10 and she had 8 and that was cool:)
K is growing so quickly now. She is quirky and just an all around fun kid to be with. Her biggest things are now:
1. When we don't do something right away she says: "Silly mommy/daddy, my got forgot."
2. If she wants to put something off she wants a hug and kiss. She will even hug you through the phone. It is quite funny.
I am going to miss my little girl and I can't wait for the weekends:)

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NerdyMom said...

It's so wonderful to hear this update! Our kids are really so darn special and awesome.

Jordan also uses hugs and kisses to avoid things -- AND she uses the "I do it" tactic (it takes her longer to do it, so she can delay the process) OR the "I have to go potty" delay where she doesn't really need to go potty but she knows I'll make sure she tries because she said the word "potty."

Man they're growing up!