Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Closing

So the summer is reaching its end. I have to say that I have a new found respect for every stay at home mommy out there. It is a lot of work!!! K keeps me so busy that sometimes I wonder how those mommies do it:) I have enjoyed being able to just play with my little girl, but I do miss teaching. It is sneaking up on me a tad bit too quickly though. SHHHHH...don't tell K, but Momma G and Poppa G are coming down to visit. I know she will be thrilled. This weekend one of our college friends is coming down to stay with us for the weekend. K believes he is coming to visit her. Hard to explain that one:) I suppose he is. I hope he knows what he is getting himself into! Swim lessons are also over and that is a relief. She started to get burnt out towards the end and she can at least do a little bit of the doggy paddle, so that is a start. Hope all is well with everyone of you and keep those prayers coming. K will probably have a struggle when mommy goes back to school. I know I will:(

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