Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day

After looking through our photos, I quickly realized that I am usually the one taking the photos. Therefore, little pictures with me and my little girl. Aunt Amy took this picture and I think that it turned out pretty well.
Here is K's suppise (surprise-for those of you who don't speak her language). She spent the night at the grandparent's house and came back to find her own little house!!! She thought it was her cousin's because M has the same exact house. Now they are truly twins:)
Here is our fourth of July ensemble. The halter top was a lot of fun. We spent most of our morning for the fourth at a family reunion. K got to see a lot of cousins. When I told her she was going to meet her cousins, she informed me that she had "two." I had to let her know that in our family there are definitely more than two:)
Here we are taking orders. I believe I know what her summer job will be...waitress. Of course, you only have certain selections. Chicken, french fries, milk, ketchup, napkin, and ranch. You ask for something else and she will inform you that that is not an option. I don't think tips will be too good. Hope all of you are having a Happy Fourth of July!!! Thank God we will live in a country where we are free to share thoughts and pictures with whoever will look!

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Anonymous said...

K is too cute! For a minute I thought she was at C & M's house too! Tell her I like her shirt, very stylish.:)
J & A