Monday, July 07, 2008

Our Little Daredevil

K had her first swim lesson today at the public pool. She didn't enjoy the head under the water at first, but she began to warm up to the young ladies who were teaching the lesson. The reason we wanted her to get lessons is in the picture above. She has no fear. At least, sometimes. Towards the end of the lesson, our little daredevil "jumped" off of the diving board!!! Can we say that I was one proud mommy?!? The thing that made it even better was that there was only one other child who was willing to dive and it was a girl. Those boys were chicken. Yes, I said it. My daughter is braver than the boys:) She wanted to call everyone and tell them she jumped. I think she plans on doing this tomorrow too. That's my girl. Nothing can stop her.

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Anonymous said...

You go sweetheart!

Momma and Poppa G