Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Rough Day

1. K started to pull her cast off. Nate took her to Shriners, where they put on a new cast because she had indeed moved the old one down. The wound does look good however and we will get to have it taken off May 29.
2. When K got home, she did a face dive at the recliner. She now has a bruised and bloody nose. Fortunately, she bounced back.
3. We found out that great-grandpa Woerner is not doing the best. Please pray for him and the rest of my family.
4. K took another face dive at hit a cardboard box. She now has a goose-egg/scratched/bloodied forehead. Fortunately, she bounced back.
5. All the pollen in the air is causing K's asthma to act up. However, she is so smart she does her treatments herself.
6. I have had to pack up my classroom because we are moving. Depressing day.
7. Haven't reached that number yet, but sure it will come the way K has been today. Don't want to say she is a klutz, but what can you really say about a bloodied little girl with a hot pink cast?
Seriously, K is doing much better now that she has a more comfortable cast on and we are excited that she will be getting her cast off early. Our life is complicated, but I think we are so used to it that almost nothing is unusual anymore:) Wouldn't trade this little rugrat for any other child in the world. She's ours. Below is a picture to show you just how rough this day has been.


Kat said...

Wow! What a day! She looks pooped... I think it's time for a rest.

Tclaytor said...

Poor baby! I'm glad she bounced back--she's such a tough little cookie!
I'm feeling for you with packing up your classroom--I'm doing it myself! Yuck! When are you moving exactly? We move on the 30th of this month. We will be staying with Bob and Janice until we find a house (and I start getting a paycheck).
How are prospects in Alabama?