Monday, March 26, 2007

Mission Impossible

Silly daddy! He put my box of fish on the coffee table. Fishies! Mmmmm!

Ha! It is not as easy as I thought. I cannot reach them from this side. Must get them. Fishies, Mmmm! Hmm. What to do?

Gotta go to the other side. I can get them from there. I know it! Fishies, Mmmm!
I must not take my eyes off the box. Keep the eyes on the box. Don't get distracted! Fishies, Mmmm!
Almost there! I can taste them already. Fishies, Mmmm!
Awe man! I cannot get them from this side either. I guess daddy isn't as silly as I thought.
Hmm, I wonder what they left up here that I can put in my mouth?
Awe man! Foiled again. Nothing. All this work for absolutely nothing!!! Its not easy being a kid.

1 comment:

aunt amy said...

that is so cruel, but funny