Thursday, March 01, 2007

Home from the Shriners

Here are some pictures of the brace. K is doing alright so far with it. She has spent at least 3 hours at a time in it. She sleeps very well in it. The awake part seems to be the hardest because she wants to be constantly on the move. We are glad to be home, but Nate and I are exhausted. It doesn't feel like it will be over for quite awhile. We have to work on putting the brace on throughout the night and she still hasn't been in it all night. That is still a ways away. The only real positive news we received today is the fact that the neurosurgeon doesn't believe her "dangling tonsils" are an issue. He wants to scan them in a year, but he was pretty positive about it. Thank goodness for some good news. We needed it.
K is getting to walk with her overalls. We are going to have to get a size or two bigger in these so that she can continue to work on walking. Most of her clothes no longer fit her because of the brace. Guess we will be heading to Wal-Mart or Target!

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Kat said...

Just read the update. It sounds like a long road ahead, but K is so lucky to have such awesome parents! The brace is so cute with the butterflys! I'll try to give you a call after work so we can catch up. Love you guys!