Monday, April 14, 2014

Hands 2 Love Camp 2014

So we do not post often anymore.  We often say we should post something but in the business of work and life we find other priorities taking over such as dance, swimming, soccer, school, and work.  This is something worth posting that cannot pass by without a post and a few pictures.  We just returned home from Hands to Love camp just outside Gainsville, FL.  It was an amazing time, but who can write better about it than Kendall?  This is what she has to say about it.

Hands to Love is very cool because I get to see kids and adults with limb differences.  I learned from other grownups how to do some things like how to overcome the fear of climbing to high places when I have somebody helping me. I also learned from the other kids how to do a lot of things.  The best parts of camp are climbing the tower, swimming in the lake, dancing, archery, studying animals in the lake, art, the bonfire, the hayride, the drums, seeing Tony Memmel sing the Lucky Fin Song, seeing Rion Paige sing two songs, seeing old friends, making new friends and seeing pictures of the other campers.  Hands to Love is a great way to see other people who have limb differences like me.    

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