Saturday, January 24, 2009

Late Birthday Photos:(

Here is our Pinkerbell outfit. This was one of the gifts she received at her birthday party!
Happy birthday K!!! Can't believe you are three:)
We had a wonderful birthday this year. K has lots of friends and so she had a lot of fun driving them around in her gator. It was lots of fun. Right now K is walking around in her heels. What a prissy little girl:)


Kat said...

What a big girl! I look at the picture of her on the porch in GA and I can hardly believe how much she has grown!

Simone Icough said...

Awww bless your little daughter, what a great fighter she is, Scoliosis will make her stronger for later in life - a silver lining maybe.....

I had Scoliosis surgery in 1989 for a 76ยบ right thoracic adolescent idiopathic curve, my Harrington rod goes from T5 to L1.

My curve was rapidly increasing so I did not have a brace, is your daughter using the Boston Brace?

On my scoliosis support group I have read many good reports about SpineCor (I have a page if you wish to read it - I won't post in case you think I am spamming!), I am not entirely sure if this brace can be fitted to a young child or at what age the SpineCor brace would help, I can find out for you though.

I am pleased to hear that the brace can come off for your daughter during the evening.

All the best and keep your eye on that curve!

Simone xx