Thursday, January 15, 2009

Almost Three

Would you believe that our little rose will be three years old at 12:19 tomorrow morning? I can't believe it has been three years. It is amazing how different our lives have been because of this wonderful little girl. She now speaks in lengthy sentences and she can carry on conversations with you that would surprise you. She knows her alphabet, can count to twenty if she is really focused, "fix hair", and just warm your heart in general. Grant it, our lives have been different from others, but when I think of what life would be like without her I struggle. God has blessed us and when I wake up tomorrow morning I will go in and watch my little girl sleep and thank the Lord that she has been given to us.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Made me cry!

Love Momma G

Amanda said...

nate and christa...she is beautiful! happy (belated) birthday to her...and what a blessing that you are seeing God's goodness through the struggle and different-ness of your lives in comparison to others. we'd LOVE to get together sometime if you ever get up this way.