Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Break!!!

Well, this week mommy is off for Spring Break! I am so glad she doesn't have to work. Momma and Poppa G have come to visit and we are having all sorts of fun. Pictures will be coming, but mommy is being a bum. She takes naps when I do. I think I wear her out:) I am feeling so much better now that I have tubes in my ears. It is like I am hyped up on sugar all of the time! I wished Momma and Poppa "Happy Nursery" this morning. They are celebrating their anniversary with us. That's a really hard word. Have you ever tried to say it? It took me a little bit, but then, I am only two. I can count to ten though without help. I am also waiting for my "Potty Party" because I am almost all the way trained! Mommy and daddy are so excited. I think they are more excited than I am. Have a fun day!

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Anonymous said...

cute! glad you're all having a good time! M went on the potty this week...although she's not so sure about it.:)
J & A