Friday, April 04, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Well, our little rose has been very busy lately. She has had tubes put in her ears, gotten a new brace, been set up to see a new hand surgeon, and has also been cutting some of her last teeth.

Her surgery to have tubes put in her ears went well. It was a very quick procedure and we have seen a marked difference in her attitude, even on the day of surgery. She had post-op and everything was fine. She believed the doctor "made it better." I think he wants to take her home and keep her.

She got her new nighttime brace this week and we were a little unsure about it, but the x-rays have shown that her spine is straight in this brace just like the other one. This also shows us that her being out of the brace during the day has not affected her spine negatively. Big praise. This now means that she will be out of the brace during the day and only sleeping in it at night.

We have also become officially potty trained. Yes, that is right. Our little rose has gone from diapers to Dora big girl's. She is very proud of herself and rightfully so. When Momma and Poppa G come down for a visit, we are definitely having a potty party. Major celebration time.

Another cool milestone is the fact that K counted to ten on her own!!! We do this while she is stretching and it has helped her reach that goal. She surprises us every day. Lots of stuff to get out there, but wanted to give all of you an update on our little rose.


Anonymous said...

Little sweetheart! Love you bunches and can't wait to see you.


Momma and Poppa G

Kat said...

What a big girl! It was great talking with ya today. Hope I get to see you soon! Love you guys!

Tclaytor said...

What a cutie! I love those Easter pics! I know they grow up way too fast. Katelyn is already talking up a storm. I think girls are just more talkative because Ethan never talked this much! : )
Congrats on the potty training--it's great, isn't it? We're going to try to potty train Katelyn this summer.