Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"The Little Zoo That Could"

Last weekend we took K to the zoo close to us. This is her heading into the zoo.
K wasn't scared of the lizard, but we left whenever they showed the snakes. Just a little queasy about that one.
This zoo was the neatest because you could literally get up to almost all of the animals. K enjoyed the feeding part of the zoo.
She still talks about feeding the deer. It was a great day.
Here we are enjoying the goats. K is still talking about the zoo and so I believe we will be returning soon. It was the neatest little zoo and it was a wonderful memory day for mommy and daddy too.
We have just gotten back from K's fitting for her second scoliosis brace. The doctor is having her stay out of the brace during the day for four months and we will be go back and find out how her curvature is doing. She still sleeps in it at night, but she is so active right now that the brace is causing some bruising. She is constantly on the move and we have to run now to keep up with her. Her vocabulary is amazing and she is just all around a pretty cool little kid.

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