Friday, January 04, 2008

K Hard at Work

K now has a baby named Ariel (the mermaid but with legs for some reasons). She is a lot of work. She came with a birthday set so K has to always keep up with her birthday preparations. K even seems to help her celebrate the b-day several times a day by giving her a cupcake, pretending to eat her cupcake, pressing the anoying button on the gift box that plays 12 notes of the happy b-day song and then trying to sing along with it only to begin right around the 10th note (it is cute).
K also has a cabbage patch baby that seems to not be feeling quite right. After checking her breathing with her stethoscope, K is checking her temperature in this pic. Poor baby. It could have something to do with K constantly picking the poor doll up by the patch of hair on its head and toting it around.
Here K seems to have slid over a bit too much and accidentally knocked Ariel off of the bench. It was great watching her help Ariel back on the bench and then get on it again herself without knocking Ariel off again.
Here K is feeding Ariel some of the soup she fixed in her new kitchen. Did I mention that Ariel has a bib and diaper? Yeah... She seems to have no problem keeping up with Ariel's bib, but Ariel seems to have been going commando the past few days. We wonder if K changed Ariel's diaper and threw it in the trash because it was dirty. Who knows?
Here is K hard at work in her new kitchen. She loves it. She has milk, coffee, and apple juice on tap as well as water.

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Tclaytor said...

That was too adorable! She certainly looks like she is having fun! : )