Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Freedom Day!!!

Daddy and I are enjoying our 4th of July day. We finally got some rain here and it was a wonderful blessing!!! Of course, I know I am adorable in my matching outfit. Mommy didn't know we had a dress to match the hat! Silly mommy.
I tried to hide from mommy but she caught me red-handed. I'm just rearranging things mommy, honest!
Okay, I was just kidding about the rearranging thing. I can't keep a straight face!
Well everyone, happy 4th of July! K shows her independence spirit with a lovely red, white, and blue shirt complete with Huck Finn pants:) Her reddish hair and startling blue eyes complete the patriotic look. Hope all of you have a great day celebrating your independence! Watch out for those fireworks.

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