Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pictures for You to Enjoy

Here is our little sleeping beauty. I couldn't resist capturing the chin resting on the hand.
This is what we do now. Nothing is safe from K.
More climbing the furniture. Just wanted to get a shot of the little baby blues.
Don't I look adorable?
Mommy and K enjoying a goldfish moment.
Don't you wish you were here?
K is now working at pushing herself to sit and pulling up on furniture. We are wanting to get her doing these things before the brace is put on her so that way she won't be too far behind.


Kat said...

Seriously. she is growing soooo fast! These are the first pictures where she doesn't look like a "little baby." Her eyes are so expressive! She's really starting to take on some features of mom and dad! You guys need to tell her to SLOW DOWN!

Tclaytor said...

Where do you get all those cute clothes?? I never thought I'd say it but I'm getting tired of pink! She certainly looks like a ball of energy too. I hope you both are getting your rest. : ) Who said naps are for the kids?