Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Amazing Feats of K

K has become so talented that she now is able to move around in her swing. Not very comfortable, but she soon figured that out for herself. What a little Houdini!
Up close and personal!!!
The toe jam adds that special flavor! Mommy wishes she could be that flexible. No amount of pilates would make that happen.
K is sitting up so well now. Her viewpoint on life is a little bit more grown up now that she is such a big girl. Growing up too fast too quick.
K started out on the blanket, and using her powerful legs she scooted herself all the way to the pack and play. That was quite a trip believe me. She was so very proud of herself. Afterwards, you can see that she was a little pooped. Sleeping was great that night.


Anonymous said...

M does the same thing in her swing. :) What a couple of cuties!

Kat said...

glad to see the new pics!