Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Such a beautiful girl

Mom and baby are doing well. We are all tired and hopefully going to get some rest. Thankfully, Grandpa and Grandma W are here to help take care of K. They arrived at the hospital an hour and a half after K was born. They are such a great help, encouragement and we are so thankful that they are here.


Terri Rosene said...

Grandparents...Walt & I are looking forward to that time. I'm so glad that you can be there for Christa & Nate. We are anxious to meet Miss Kendall in person, she looks like she's gonna be personality plus!
You are all in our prayers, Terri Rosene

christag said...

Mom and dad,
I am so thankful for what you mean to me. God has blessed me with parents who have shown me what it means to trust in God. I know that it is by your example that I will be able to a mother to this beautiful little girl. She is truly a blessing and I know now what it means to be willing to give up everything for one person. Who knew that it would be such a small one:)