Friday, January 27, 2006

Mommy's words

Today I am going to attempt to blog. Never done this before so we will see what happens. K is a wonderful baby girl, as many of you have already seen. She is the light of our lives and I don't know how we ever did without her. The sleepless nights and the crazy schedules are worth it when she smiles and makes her little chirping noises. She is my baby bird (she makes an adorable bird face when she is hungry). God has given us a gift and no matter what is down the road I know that He will provide us with the strength to stand. His providence is the reason we are able to say that it will be well with our souls. Your prayers and comments have provided both Nate and myself with inspiration and encouragement. This is a trying time, but we are enjoying the joys of parenthood. This site has been an outlet and we plan to continue sharing our story and our adorable pictures with you. May God bless each of you today and know that He does give strength to those who are His own.


Kathryn Rosene said...

Last night I went to dinner with my friend Meredith and then we went back to her place to watch American Idol. She had a short story framed on her desk and it made me think of you guys. I found the story online I just thought it was a beautiful sentiment... and I've always wanted to go to Holland! :) I love you guys!

Nate Goodwin said...

That is kinda funny because I am predominantly Dutch. So Kendall is at least 1/4 Dutch.