Friday, April 10, 2009

Ready for An Egg Hunt!

K has been busy. We are staying busy with a new "Pretty House." We are also now on "Baccations" (vacation).
We are continuously impressed by how quick this little one is. She has been learning a lot at school and comes home each day telling us all about her Bible story for the day. One day this week she came home talking about how Jesus was locked up behind a rock and some bad man named Judas The Carrot.
All said though, K is ready for a party as you can see!!! She is looking forward to C and M being here and having an egg hunt in the big yard at her pretty house. We all cannot wait!


Anonymous said...

more, more more pictures.

Momma G

Kat said...

ditto that! I want to see house pictures too! She looks so cute!