Monday, February 09, 2009

What an Amazing Kid

So we were getting ready for church Sunday and I put K's dress on her and put her sweater on her. I started buttoning her sweater and she insisted she would do it herself. Now buttons are not something she has done before and we were running short on time. I buttoned the top button and told her she could button the rest of the buttons herself. 20 quiet mins later I looked at her after I was ready for church and behold. Her sweater is completely buttoned except for the top one I buttoned for her. This is the first time she has ever done buttons and she did them all by herself (with unbuttoning the top I did). Needless to say she got ice cream after lunch on Sunday. Talk about making some parents proud. When I made a big deal about it she looked at me as if she were thinking "silly daddy, if that is all it takes to get ice cream..."


Anonymous said...

you go girl! Mama G's sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Good job K! We are proud of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Not surprised at all... just wait and see what she'll do next! I'm sure she'll keep blowing you guys away with how smart she is! :)