Monday, October 20, 2008


So K's daddy is sitting here at the computer going over some financial decisions and K is sitting on the floor playing. All of the sudden I realized K was about to do something different because she was very quiet. This is what she said next: "Thank you for mommy and please help her not get sick, and thank you for daddy and help him not get sick, and thank you for all the kids and help them not get sick. Thank you for this day and help me not get sick. In Jesus name, amen."

That was cool. She continued to pray a minute later and bless all her imaginary food in a similar manner. Cute little kid who is now shooting me with her finger gun saying "POW Daddy." We never know what to expect from this little squirt but she is such a blessing and we cannot imagine what this journey would be without her.

The picture reminds me of this. I believe we took it the day she was fitted for her first body jacket. That is the hospital crib she slept in when she had her surgeries. She was laying down in the crib for a nap and she wanted to see what we were doing so she peeked out and we snapped a quick pick with our phone camera. Priceless!


Kathryn said...

Look at those mischevious eyes! :)

Anonymous said...


Momma G