Friday, November 30, 2007

So...Just In Case You Thought We Were Gone

I recognize and take responsibility for the fact that I am a procrastinator. Something that I hound my students for all of the time. Apologies abound. We are all doing well now, but it seems like forever since we have been 100 percent health wise. Here are some pictures to enjoy. The one above is K's Thanksgiving dinner. She was still feeling a little puny so she didn't eat much. We were all recouping that day.
Here is K's lovely Christmas shirt. She probably won't see any snow this year in Alabama, but you never know with that global warming:)
K loved the Christmas lights. Matter of fact, she is not content unless the tree lights are on. Beware of the wrath of K. She has also put a few of her ornaments on the tree, obviously the indestructible ones. We can't wait for Christmas this year. She is going to go nuts!!!

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