Sunday, November 12, 2006

Why Does She Grow?

Ladies and gentlemen, it is official. My little daughter is getting too big too fast:( She can now register on a growth chart! I didn't want to admit it, but daddy was so sure she was tall enough and unfortunately he was right. It just seems to go by so fast that I am afraid too soon she will be a teenager!
K has met Clifford. She and daddy read the Clifford book and then she read to Clifford. She is destined to be an avid reader like both of us!
K has figured out the art of rolling. She has been doing it for a few days now, but it has really taken off. You can't turn your back on her for a second. She tried to get the dog toys, but I convinced her that she had enough to play with. Then she tried to eat the chair leg. There's no stopping her now!

1 comment:

aunt amy said...

kiddo, you are getting too big!!! soon you are going to be taller than your mommy and me.